Cyber Security

Maritime broadband connections are being implemented on more and more ships. This offers a lot of value to both the vessel and the shore-based staff and partners, who needs information from the vessel. However, this also means that IT security suddenly becomes as mission critical as it is in the head office.

One of the biggest risks in Vessel IT security is the devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) that the crew bring on-board the vessel. Even a simple thing as a USB memory stick can compromise the IT security on the vessel, because it was infected with a virus from home.

Virus concept in tag cloud

BIMCO has together with other leading shipping organisations, launched a set of guidelines to help the global shipping industry prevent major safety, environmental and commercial issues that could result from a cyber incident onboard a ship.

Being a BIMCO member, shipIT has chosen to base our Vessel IT services on these cyber security guideline recommendations.


 Are your vessels protected against cyberattacks?

shipIT can assist you understanding your exposure in a number of ways, provide you with recommendations – and of course also help you resolve any issues.

  • Based on BIMCO guidelines, shipIT has developed a structured security review. You’ll receive a questionnaire with 70+ questions about your current setup. Based on your response, shipIT will asses your security level and provide ratings and recommendations how to improve.

    This is offered as a fixed package at USD 2.500,-

  • Similar to the security review, we will asses your current IT setup according to the guidelines from BIMCO.

    The difference is that this is done as an interactive workshop (on-site or web conference) where we  interview relevant persons, and provide recommendations on how to improve the current setup.

  • The next level of assesment is to perform a penetration test, where your current vessel IT security setup will be attacked and put under stress to see how protected your vessels are.

    The actual penetration test needs to be tailor made to the specific threat level you want to test, and you may decide to which extent internal stakeholders, such as the IT department or individual users, should be pre-warned about the test.

  • What will you do if disaster strikes, and your systems are infected with a harmful virus ? Or a hacker take over control of your systems?

    shipIT can help you prepare a contingency plan, so that everybody knows what to do, and get you back to business as usual as quickly as possible.