Vessel IT Review

IT onboard vessels is becoming more and more important in order to operate a vessel properly. The dependency on IT is only increasing in the future.

shipIT offers a 360-degree review of the IT setup used by your vessels, which will focus not only on the state of the hard- and software, but also on the processes and governance around your IT equipment, such as back-up routines, antivirus policies, policies for crew equipment (Bring Your Own Device) etc.

In a workshop manner, we will interview your staff and study available documentation to provide you a state of affairs of a number of important aspects in relation to running safe, robust and reliable Vessel IT.

Our assessment covers +50 topics, within seven areas:

  1. Stability and recovery
  2. Security and access control
  3. ServicesSmileys
  4. Manageability
  5. Documentation
  6. Compliance
  7. Service levels

You will receive an assessment report, documenting the situation with scores (smileys), observations and recommendations for improvement. The report includes a management executive, as well as technical observations and recommendations.