Project Management

Vessel IT is a combination of ongoing support services and various projects; large and small. Typical projects in this area include

  • Architecture improvement initiatives
  • Proof of concept / verification projects
  • Training projects
  • Security and compliance review and improvements
  • Decommissioning vessels leaving the fleet
  • Improved communication solutions

And of course the always challenging and resource demanding projects to install, replace or upgrade onboard installations.

shipIT project managers have the right combination of skills and experience to help you address the special challenges in the maritime environment – whatever your project might be.

Installation projects

Upgrading or replacing onboard infrastructure is a complex challenge, which require specific attention to matters like deployment of equipment and planning of on-board visits. Mistakes made at land are so much more expensive to resolve after deployment, so preparation is key.

A typical project approach would be divided into a number of phases:

Vessel IT Project Management


Note that shipIT can also assist you in dediding the right solution, performing the actual on-board installation – and assist with the ongoing support and maintenance.