On-demand Support

Many companies struggle to apply the right team size for in-house vessel IT support. Two staff members is not enough during peak periods, but three is too much most of the time. For example, when you need to do that installation on five new vessels in the fleet, or an upgrade of all servers is due.

On Demand support

For such situations, shipIT offer our On-demand Support service, which is tailored for this – acting as an extension of your in-house team. We allocate one or more experienced Vessel IT consultants who know your installation, and will assist you when needed.

  • Holiday coverage
  • Installation projects
  • Peak load periods
  • Upgrade projects

Furthermore, there is a limit to the amount of knowledge that a small team can hold, and our entire consolidated pool of knowledge can be made available for 3rd level support and troubleshooting – or supporting you in making the right decisions.

The On Demand Support service is provided at a low fixed monthly cost, including an agreed number of service hours. In return, we guarantee to retain knowledge of your setup and be available with short notice.