Rugged Mobile Phones

The mobile phone is one of the most common pieces of technology today. We all use them for calling and texting, and with the smartphones available, we are now used to having our e-mail, the internet, the street map etc. right in our pocket. Unfortunately, the convenience comes at a price. The big screens are delicate and costly to repair when broken, and using the phone while travelling abroad can quickly generate massive roaming bills.

shipIT can now offer a mobile phone which will mute all these problems. Meet the Astron Rough Pro – the mobile phone made for the maritime industry.

Astron EX-SM-14This rugged smartphone is built to handle many of the challenges a mobile phone meets on a vessel, both when it comes to durability and connectivity. It is available as a 4,5″ smartphone and as a 7″ tablet – both also as IECEx certified for use in Ex areas.


Shockproof: Built to military standards (MIL-STD-810G), this phone can take the shock from being dropped on the floor. Imagine walking into a table corner with your phone in the pocket? This phone will not need a new screen because of that.

Waterproof: Water is inevitable on a vessel. With IP68 certification, the phone will continue to work, even if dropped into the water (but if you drop it in mid-ocean, please don’t jump after it to check…)

Use in Ex areas: The phone is IECEx certified (II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb /  II 2 D Ex ib IIIC T135 °C Db). Note that this is not a rugged case for a normal phone, the actual phone is certified for use in explosive atmospheres. This allows the phone to be used in areas where a normal phone cannot be used, e.g. on a tanker vessel.


Dual SIM: When travelling to a foreign location, it is often a cheaper solution to buy a local SIM-card to make calls than to use the roaming service of your normal phone. –  This leaves you with two options: remove your normal SIM-card from your phone and use only the local number, or carry two phones if you still want your normal phone number to work as well, so your colleagues are able to reach you.
This phone is the perfect solution with a dual-SIM solution, you can keep your normal SIM-card in your phone, and add a local SIM-card whenever needed. You can receive and place calls using both cards at your convenience, and you can easily avoid roaming charges and high data costs for receiving e-mails on your phone.

Push-To-Talk: the phone is equipped with Push-To-Talk technology, where you can use it as a modern day walkie-talkie. You can even decide if your message should go to all other users in your group, selected users or just a single person.

The phone is featuring Quad Band connectivity for world-wide coverage, as well as wifi and bluetooth connections as most other smartphones, allowing you to connect to local wi-fi networks on vessels, in ports, hotels etc.

Works and feels as a normal smartphone

Apart from the special features mentioned, the phone has all the features of a normal Android smartphone. 4,5 inch display with 720p resolution, 8 Mpixel camera with flash in the back for high resolution pictures and video, and a 2 Mpixel front camera for video conferencing. You can install apps on the phone as you can with any other phone.

At 76x148x18mm(WxLxD) and 209 gram, it is only marginally larger than a regular 4,5 inch phone, and still small enough to operate comfortably with one hand, leave in your pocket, and can fit in most universal holders.

The phone is also available in a version without explosion-proof certification, but all other features and dimensions are the same – but at a lower price. A 7-inch tablet version is also available.

Who will benefit from this phone

Anybody who works in an environment where a phone is a benefit, but a normal phone will probably break
Superintendents and technical inspectors, who are visiting vessels for inspections, yard stays etc.
Anybody working in explosive atmospheres, e.g. gas and tanker vessels, drilling rigs

  • Imagine walking around the vessel, using the camera to document incidents and repairs, and sending the pictures and documentation directly to your Planned Maintenance System.
  • Fill out check lists as you go along and submit when complete. You avoid having to re-type your notes in the office.
  • Use the flash on the phone as a flashlight, and the video camera as your eyes in tight corners.
  • Use the cameras on the phone to contact your colleagues in the office via Skype to discuss repairs, where you can immediately decide on the required actions.
  • Connect a barcode scanner via Bluetooth and use the phone to record serial numbers, stock items, locations etc.

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