Managed Vessel IT

Turn your Vessel IT support into a fixed, monthly cost per vessel

shipIT provides Managed Vessel IT support as an outsourced service, which you can subscribe to on a per-vessel basis.

By outsourcing your Vessel IT support to shipIT, you will gain the benefits of a large-scale vessel support organization, without having to make the investment in staff, building knowledge, understanding the market and parties involved.

shipIT can offer 24×7 Managed Vessel IT support as a scalable service – if you add vessels to your fleet, you are not depending on a single supporter to cope with the new fleet as well as supporting the existing fleet. Whether it involves implementation of hardware or software, management or optimization of existing installations – shipIT’s Vessel IT support will help you.


Optional: Desktop or thin clients, printers, software, emergency support, managed crew/supplier net, mail, content filtering.

Higher flexibility

By using shipIT as your Vessel IT provider, you will no longer end up in a situation where having 2 IT supporters employed is too much, but 1 is not enough. If you add new vessels to your fleet, you will not have to worry about supporting the IT on the new vessel. We will adjust the needed capacity accordingly.

Shared staff means more staff available when you need it

When your own supporter is travelling for days to assist a vessel, the other vessels will not be able to get support in the meantime, or will have to wait longer than necessary for assistance. With a managed vessel IT service, you will no longer face this bottleneck in service.

Cyber security

Our solution comply with the guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships that has been issued by BIMCO. See also here.

Better knowledge of the vessel IT market

Working with more Companies and more suppliers in the market, shipIT not only benefit from economy of scale – but will also have a large pool of knowledge and always be on top of the latest technology. All of this to the benefit of clients using our service.