Installation Projects

Replacing or upgrading your IT equipment on your vessels? Running a project to upgrade IT hardware and/or software on a fleet is not a simple project. It requires careful planning and technical knowledge to put together the right package.

shipIT can assist you in the entire process, from determining the requirements on-board, selecting the right solutions, to planning the actual implementation as well as the physical installations onboard.

Our solution

The shipIT approach to on-board installations is based on long experience from dealing with the specialties involved in maritime installations.

Project Management

shipIT has senior project managers that has experience in managing vessel IT projects.

We have the right knowledge in choosing the best hardware/software and to manage the entire project from ordering the equipment and until the last vessel is upgraded.


Preparing and collecting a pre-installation survey for each vessel to understand aspects like:

  • Server Area setup (location, cabinet size, etc.)
  • Current workstations (numbers, location, etc.)
  • Cabling
  • Power supply setup
  • Current equipment that requires internet access
  • Etc. etc.


The surveys will enable us to create specific runbooks (installation manuals) for each vessel. All the vessels, even the sister vessels could be different, so we will create a runbook for each vessel. The runbooks will be detailed documents explaining step by step how to perform the installation.

Installation teams

shipIT has skilled installation teams that will travel to the vessels and perform the installations. In order for us to save travel cost, we have teams that are based in Europe and South America, and partnerships in Asia.

Installation reports

During the installation, the onsite technicians will take pictures, and note down anything vessel specific regarding the installation. The documentation will be used afterwards by the support teams.