HP Hardware

Robust and reliable hardware is crucial in the maritime environment, where physical access is often a challenge – and replacing defect components is not easy.

To provide quality hardware, shipIT have partnered with HP Enterprise / HP Inc., one of the leading providers. This allows us to provide the full portfolio of HP Enterprise products:

  • Servers, from small scale entry to enterpriseHPBusinessPartner
  • Desktops and monitors
  • Thin clients
  • Laptops
  • Printers

Global support with HP hardware

When HW break down, it tends to always happen in far away locations, where local support and repairs are not available.

To address this, we offer a unique value proposition with HP Enterprise – offering a global warranty and spare part service. Defect parts can be repaired or replaced by certified HPE engineers in more than 150 global locations.

Financial Model

We understand that many of our clients would rather see Vessel IT costs as a flat running cost, rather than spikes of investments that keeps getting pushed to next years’ budget.

We are offering a model to mirror the way you do business, by providing Managed Vessel IT as a fixed ‘per day, per vessel’ price. If you like, it can even include the necessary hardware components and software licenses.

Managed Vessel IT cost


This model allows you to adjust the size of your fleet without having to worry about IT capacity or up-front heavy investments – Vessel IT become a flat, predictable cost element.