Connectivity optimization

Any vessel today is dependent on communication for business purposes as well as crew welfare. Demand and volume are increasing at a very fast pace, and new solutions are introduced almost daily. However, many do not have the right solution – or are not using what they have in the best way – and are struggling with connectivity issues.

shipIT offers advisory based on years of knowledge in maritime communication solutions.

  • Which solution fits your needs, Fleet broadband, Vsat, or is mobile broadband enough?
  • Could 3G/4G be an alternative in some locations?
  • Which services and application require internet?
  • How much data is exchanged? Will data exchange increase in the near future?
  • Is “always online” a requirement?
  • Do you have an appropriate firewall?
  • Should crew internet be an option as part of crew welfare? Should crew pay for their internet usage?
  • Who has internet access? Who needs internet access?
  • Do you have segregated and prioritized networks?
  • Are you aware how secure your system is and the threat of cyber-attacks?

shipIT can help you make sure that you get the most out of your investment, contact us for optimization of your current communication setup.

If you want to upgrade your current solution, shipIT can assist as trusted advisor, we can assist in the purchasing phase and we can help with any contract negotiation, as we know the market.