Vessel IT

Managing an organization’s IT hardware and applications, network and communications is an important, but often very cumbersome and expensive task. Then add the complexity of having IT onboard vessels in remote locations with poor connections, and the task becomes even more complex. Most IT supporters outside the maritime industry would be surprised to see the challenges when supporting IT onboard vessels. Issues, which are easily solved in a normal environment suddenly becomes difficult tasks, as you are not able to replace hardware just like that, download and install the latest patches, or re-populate a corrupt database.

shipIT is your Vessel IT provider

shipIT knows how to manage and handle all the challenges in running IT equipment onboard vessels. Whether it is the physical hardware, the communication lines, the security or the software used, shipIT can help you improve your benefits from having IT on vessels.

We are here to help

shipIT can assist you with any Vessel IT related project – ranging from single vessel hardware replacements or re-negotiations of your communication lines contracts, to full implementation projects of Technical ERP solutions. shipIT offers a unique  combination of business and IT knowledge, which has already helped many customers get their projects on track, and delivered on time.

Read more about the individual services here on our page, see our Vessel IT brochure here – or simply contact us for further information.