The SAPERION suite of products is very comprehensive, and offer solutions that are specially tailored to handling each area of the enterprise where documents play a major role. The two products which are most useful for the shipping industry are the ECM suite, and the Workflow suite.

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At many companies, documents are created in several different departments and managed from a variety of locations. Considering that 80% of all business-relevant information is in the form of unstructured documents, transparent access across multiple departments can be very difficult.

In these situations, the completeness of information cannot be ensured and it is very difficult to extend workflows from one area of the company to another. Consequently, a great deal of time is lost executing the same processes over and over or performing long, sometimes fruitless searches for information. Companies plagued by such problems lose a great deal of efficiency and suffer from noticeable competitive disadvantages.

Capture, distribute, manage, archive, retrieve. SAPERION ECM is a system platform designed to automate and digitize the full range of enterprise information in order to facilitate straightforward management and long-term archiving of enterprise data. The intuitive, uniform platform is capable of capturing up to 2 million documents per hour. Once documents are in the system, they remain organized throughout their entire lifecycle.

Integration into existing business applications then makes documents accessible wherever they are needed. Predefined automation and intelligent assignment of information accelerate processes and cut down on the amount of time spent searching for information. As a result, productivity of individual employees improves significantly.


Optimized workflows boost productivity.

Companies that fail to optimize their business processes suffer from a lack of speed, flexibility, and productivity. Ultimately, their ability to compete can be threatened. Inefficient workflows make it impossible to react quickly to changes like new regulations or higher expectations from their customers.

This can be fatal in dynamic, global markets. By the same token, bloated processes add a significant amount of unnecessary costs. Only by knowing and understanding its core processes can a company overcome these challenges and develop a modern set of workflows.

Better, leaner, faster. SAPERION ECM Workflow Suite provides the tools needed to achieve the highest objectives of business process management: to become leaner, faster, and more cost-effective with improved process control and transparency.

Companies that utilize SAPERION ECM Workflow Suite can reduce the costs associated with common processes while simultaneously maintaining a high level of process quality. Automation drastically reduces the rate of errors and internal departments are able to collaborate more effectively than ever before.

Tracking down inefficiency. When multiple departments work together to model processes, it becomes possible to not only document every aspect of the processes, but also to evaluate, analyze, and simulate a variety of scenarios. With the right software, all process-related data are stored and made accessible for evaluation. As a result, resource bottlenecks and inefficient procedures are quickly recognized, enabling continuous process improvement.

Legal security is not optional. SAPERION ECM Workflow Suite also provides the peace of mind that comes with legal compliance. Having the ability to control and inspect all types of enterprise information allows for fully traceable workflows. Each step of every workflow is logged, so the company can easily prove who accessed specific documents and when. In this way, SAPERION ECM Workflow Suite supports a comprehensive view of business-critical processes.