MARK5 Maritime

E-mail has developed into a mission critical tool for all shipping companies, involving important business information spread across many emails, exchanged between multiple parties over an extended period. On top of the business requirements, authorities’ need for information has intensified the demand for always-available, nothing-forgotten-or-misplaced e-mail management systems.

MARK5 is the tool that solves exactly those challenges for all shipping companies.

Employees like MARK5 as it ensures that critical information is available crisscross the organization regardless of where in the world they are located. This makes us able to respond to new information, quickly search for relevant data, and follow up on the progress of any task. With MARK5’s unique filtering options we reduced reading of irrelevant e-mails by 20% per individual after a period of working with the system.

Frank Mortensen, CEO at Lightship Chartering

Group-based e-mail communication

MARK5 offers you all the group-based e-mail functionality that shipping companies require in order to manage their daily work. At the same time, the intuitive user interface offers a wide range of additional features, resulting in more efficient and productive users:

  • The automation of various actions, such as: Filing/Filtering, Categorization, Grouping, and Follow up, circumvents repetitive work and is a daily time-saver
  • Multiple ways of sorting emails using advanced filtering options to help users prioritize and lower the amount of emails needed to be read by each user
  • Powerful search functionality where users can broaden or narrow the filter criteria quickly in order to achieve efficient mail handling


With MARK5 there is no longer a need to store important documents on local network drives, emailing documents internally from one office to another, or wonder who has the latest version of a given document. MARK5 allows each user to store and organize documents in a central location, where colleagues can access them, irrespective of location. A full audit trail will keep track of all versions of the documents.

Access – Anywhere!

MARK5 is based on technology that allows the users to access all their mails and documents, whether they are in the office or on the road.


Access, mark as read, and reply to department emails directly from your Android Phone, IPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Replies sent from mobile devices, are routed through the MARK5 system, so that colleagues in the office can keep track of actions taken and recipients receive the message from the group address with all correct header and footer information.

Synchronization between remote offices

The remote synchronization enables customers to link local installations of MARK5, creating one system across different locations. This setup gives users at the different offices, local speed, and access to historic data at any time, without being dependent on high latency, or affected by internet connection breakdowns.


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