Egnyte Cloud Storage

Any shipping company will recognize the pains associated with storing and sharing documents. Especially when sharing across distributed offices – or wanting to have a local copy on your laptop or mobile phone.

Egnyte is a great and cost efficient solution for exactly that – allowing you to combine the benefits of cloud storage with seamless user interface.

Different ways of accessing

With Egnyte you can access your documents in many ways:

  • Through any browser
  • As a mapped drive, directly from your Windows Explorer
  • From your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Windows Phone)
  • Or you can even chose to sync certain folders to your local C:drive for off-line access

The choice is yours. And independently of access method, it of course happens with state of the art security

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Why is Egnyte better than Dropbox et al?

Most of the commonly used cloud storage solutions are working based on that you have local content which you want to store and share across your other computers, tablets and phones.

However, only few actually support the ability to work as a team and share files. The services that offer some type of file sharing are still based on that you share a part of your locally stored files with other people, via the storage provider.

Egnyte offers a different solution, which is custom-built for business and collaboration purposes. With Egnyte, you get a large bulk of external storage, which multiple users can then access.

This means that files are shared immediately, on the shared drive, with no need to have local copies on all computers, that all have to be in sync at all times. Each user can then opt to have a local cache of certain shared folders, which is then kept synchronized when online. That way the user can have an offline (latest updated version) of their current project folders, client folders or other relevant folders they wish to have access to, even without a network connection. On top, each user also gets a personal storage space which can only be accessed by the individual user.

Egnyte also offers a range of tools to manage the entire solution, such as Access Control on folder level, automatic storage of previous versions of files (in case you wish to return to a previous state of a document, or accidentally deleted a file), remote access to files via web browsers, smartphones and tablets – even FTP access is an option.

Egnyte can also integrate with a local server, thus offering the end users file access at local LAN speeds, yet instant file sharing for off-site users, and immediate, external back-up of all files – nothing is lost.

Egnyte offers a highly scalable, yet simple to implement, solution to file storage and sharing. Perfect for small and medium sized businesses, as well as enterprises with many small branch offices.

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