E-mail is now an important part of business in every company, but it continues to pose challenges in relation to security and data volumes. Together with Comendo, we offer a range of products to meet these challenges.

Comendo protects your company against e-mail-borne malware and provide full and complete protection against known and unknown viruses.

The Comendo spamFence solution  filters, detects and blocks spam before it reaches the network in your company and increases your data volumes unnecessarily.

Virus and spam-free e-mail

Comendo’s cloud-based e-mail filtering solution comprises two unique, proprietary applications – Comendo mailFence and spamFence.

Comendo spamFence is based on market-leading antispam filters and technologies and is regarded as being one of the most effective filtering systems around. Comendo uses more than 20 different spam detection technologies – blocking in average 99.9% of spam sent to our customers.

Comendo mailFence contains all features from spamFence and scans e-mails before they reach business servers using the most advanced virus scanner currently available on the market, stopping viruses using Comendo’s unique Pre-Virus Recognition (PVR) filter technology before they are detected and classified as viruses.

Comendo 1

Never lose your e-mails

– with Comendo backupFence

Your company can archive your e-mail with Comendo’s proprietary backupFence. The program operates in real-time and takes backups of both incoming and outgoing e-mail. If an error occurs on your mail server or your own backup routines fail, Comendo backupFence protects you against any data loss.

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How long can you manage without e-mail?

– you don’t have to with Comendo mailContinuity

Very few companies can claim that they’ve never experienced downtime in their e-mail flow. Because employees are so dependent on e-mail these days, down time can be a costly affair. E-mail is quite simply most companies’ “lifeline” in and out of the building.

Has your company actually considered the consequences of being unable to send and receive e-mail for an extended period of time? E-mail has become such an integrated part of running the company that we take it for granted. However, as with any other critical business system, you need to have a contingency plan.

Most of us are unfamiliar with the real cost of mail server downtime. The cost is no longer limited to lost orders and reduced employee productivity; in the long term, it may also affect relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.