shipIT Solutions

Deep in our genes, shipIT is a consulting company; we live from helping our clients select and implement the best solutions available – we do not develop solutions ourselves.

However, doing this we come across products which we believe are best of breed for the industry; and sometimes we choose to partner with the providers of these solutions. This enables us to help our clients by not only selling the software licenses, but by manage the entire IT and business implementation end-to-end. We call it one stop shopping.

Currently we are offering the following state-of-the-art products.

  • Manage your emails, documents and information flow in an efficient, flexible and less time consuming way. MARK5 offers you all the group-based e-mail functionality that shipping companies require in order to manage their daily work.

    At the same time, the intuitive user interface offers a wide range of additional features, resulting in more efficient and productive users.

    Read more about Mark 5 Maritime here.

  • Any shipping company will recognize the pains associated with storing and sharing documents. Especially when sharing across distributed offices – or wanting to have a local copy on your laptop or mobile phone.

    Egnyte is a great and cost efficient solution for exactly that – allowing you to combine the benefits of cloud storage with seamless user interface.

    Read more about Egnyte here.

  • The Saperion suite of products is very comprehensive, and offer solutions that are specially tailored to handling each area of the enterprise where professional management of documents or workflows is of importance.

    Read more about Saperion here.

  • Comendo protects your company against e-mail-borne malware and provide full and complete protection against known and unknown viruses.

    The Comendo spamFence solution  filters, detects and blocks spam before it reaches the network in your company and increases your data volumes unnecessarily.

    Read more about Comendo here.