Trusted Advisor

Occasionally, any company find themselves confronted with a situation they have not experienced before and don’t know how to handle – or simply just need an independent advice.

LabyrinthSenior management in many leading shipping companies have already successfully used shipIT as their “Trusted Advisor” in such situations.

And have verified that shipIT are the ones to call when executive advice is needed. We have the experience, knowledge and insight.


Selected samples of advisory we have provided include:

IT strategy

How can we use IT as a business enabler in our company? Should we continue our policy of in house development, or buy a best of breed standard solution?

Sourcing strategy

A classic dilemma, and one where your CIO might not be unbiased; should we insource or outsource our IT? Is it better to keep IT close at hand – or to benefit from the economy of scale derived from outsourcing?

Vendor relations

Know the feeling that you are in a deadlock situation with a vendor? How do we handle a difficult contractual situation? Or you need someone from outside to be the unbiased mediator getting the relationship back on track.

If you have the same or similar questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for that special advice which makes the difference.