Project management

Often internal IT departments do not have the experience or skills required to manage large business implementation projects, based on the correct thinking not to staff for something that might happen once every 5 years.  Or the IT department is simply overloaded and not staffed to run such occasional projects.

Some will turn to their normal IT vendor for assistance – but it is unlikely he has much knowledge about the shipping business, and is therefore not able to provide the proper guidance.

Man with monocular

At shipIT we offer the option to benefit from an experienced project manager who can manage the full journey to a successful implementation.

Our project managers combine long and solid project management experience with detailed understanding of the shipping industry.

This is what makes the difference in real life projects; not any project management certification. After-all, managing the change in processes and organisation is half of what is often wrongly referred to as an “IT project” – and is something you only learn from doing exactly this many times.

And while we manage the project, we prepare and coach your own staff to take over the long term maintenance and responsibility after successful implementation.