Mail Efficiency

You probably know the feeling. Your mailbox keeps growing at a pace where is it getting increasing difficult to manage. It might not be much of a comfort, but you are not alone.

The growing volumes and the shift from emails being primarily private communication to become life and blood of many organizations imply a number of challenges, which most shipping companies today will recognize.

  • • Too much time is spend on reading through mails – of which the majority is of limited interest – to ensure nothing important is missed
    • Missing overview of who has, or should have, attended which mails
    • Important mails are overlooked and not attended
    • Critical information is stored in individual users mailbox and is not available for team collaboration
    • Mails are often lost when individuals decide to delete a mail or leave the company – or when an IT administrator decides to do a cleanup of a server which is running out of space
    • Lack of a documented best practice; ensuring everyone is using the system in the same way
    • Failure to comply with growing compliance / legal requirements.

  • shipIT have an unbeaten expertise from helping many shipping companies optimize the way they are working with emails, and offer to share that expertise to your benefit.
    • The offset is taken in how you manage your emails today, with a focus to improve efficiency.
    • What is your structure of mail addresses?
    • Who is reading which mails?
    • How do you manage who handles which mails?
    • How do you store mails to be easily found again?
    • How to archive and search for old mails?
    • How do you decide which mails to read first?

    We will share our experiences, provide our recommendations and together with your team seek better and more efficient ways to manage the email challenge.

See also our packaged Mail Efficiency workshop offering.