Information Treasury

Historically, the key assets in the shipping industry have been of a physical nature; vessels, containers, cranes, etc. However, the key business differentiator today is the knowledge you possess and how you manage it – your information treasury. It therefore becomes imperative to treat this information as a strategic asset to retain competitive advantage.

Shipping companies of today have a vast amount of information – but seems to always struggle to find the right information at the right time. How are you dealing with information in your company?

Information treasury

Realize the value in your emails

Email has developed into a mission critical tool, and the ever-growing amounts of emails call for an efficient way of handling the growing information volume.

Emails must be treated as a company treasury, not as a personal asset. Information management is achieved through e.g. automated application of keywords, which facilitates integrated prioritization of your work and fast search functionality. Knowledge Sharing is effectively implemented through group based communication with shared folders and a functional read log, which also works as your audit trail to document who took which action and when.

Efficient document sharing and workflows

Despite the heavy use and implementation of IT in the shipping industry over the last couple of decades, it is still a very document intensive industry. In many cases, implementing a tool for Electronic Document Management (EDM) can assist the business in becoming more effective and better at sharing information. Taking it one step further the EDM solution can be leveraged to optimize business processes and automate workflows – freeing up valuable time for you to do more business with less administrative work.

Structured approach to planning, executing and analyzing business performance

The current market situation calls for a new approach to better understanding our company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Only 4-5 years ago, the name of the game was revenue – today you need to ensure another level of transparency to business processes and their interdependence.

There are several good solutions available in the market; shipIT can help you assess which one is the best for your needs.