Document Management

How do you manage documents in your company? Are you one of the 80% that still rely on a simple shared drive, with no version control? Are you also facing problems accessing the same documents from different offices and other locations?

Despite the heavy use and implementation of IT in the shipping industry over the last couple of decades, it is still a very document-intensive industry. Based on its long heritage, there are still many tasks being handled the traditional way – on paper.

Document managementUsing Electronic Document Management allows the organization to ensure that certain standard workflows are followed and with a full history in the system it is easy to cover other legislative requirements for transparency, such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Implementing Electronic Document Management with the current ways of working will in itself generate savings, simply due to less time spent on processing and archiving documents, searching for information and moving paper from department to department.

Using the Electronic Document Management system as leverage to optimize the processes and workflows for the documents will assist the organization in performing even better – giving staff valuable time to do more business with less administrative work.

At shipIT, we stay on the forefront of the development, and are helping shipping companies select and implement the right solution.