Contract Negotiation

How many times before did you negotiate a large contract for the implementation of a new IT system? Chances are: very few. Most companies don’t do major IT contracts every day, so experiences in-house are often limited.

That is also why many of our clients have trusted us to undertake contract negotiations on their behalf.

Contract negotiation

When shopping for a new critical IT system, the price tag of the software is not the only parameter – maybe not even the most important one.

Making sure the product actually fits the purpose, and getting the terms and conditions right will survive the immediate pleasure of an apparently low price.


shipIT have the experience in making sure all parameters are considered, and that a true long term TCO is understood.

So if you are not really sure what an Escrow agreement is; or is unsure how to protect yourself from the vendor not delivering; or is not sure which country of law gives you the best protection; then getting some professional help could be a very wise decision – often it pays back itself tenfold by getting the right contract and only buy what you really need.