shipIT Consulting

The shipping industry today is a rapidly growing and changing market, heavily impacted by globalization and consolidations, which puts internal IT departments under pressure to cope with the fast changing requirements.

There are good reasons to bring in assistance to help internal IT departments – either to cope with peaks when e.g. implementing new systems – or to bring in domain specific expertise. However, when shipping companies look to the IT market for assistance, they find themselves in a vacuum between solution providers and classic IT consultants with no domain knowledge.

So what do you do? Use a local IT provider that does not understand shipping? Or call a supplier of IT solutions and trust him to do what is best for you? Or ask your business chartering staff to run an IT project? Neither of these alternatives are very appealing.

This is why shipIT Consulting was founded; to bridge and provide a better alternative.

shipIT Consulting

Not only do we have the time and dedication required to run a major IT project, we also have the experience in doing so – and we combine IT technical skills with long and deep understanding from the shipping industry.

When shipping companies need to take game-changing action, shipIT helps our clients do the right things at the right time. We know what it takes to make such moves work, avoiding common and uncommon pitfalls in the process.

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